Android Apps and Games. The bug that caused «Invalid resource file received! Поиск прошивок для устройств Sony. This will open the Service menu. X version format [Generation].

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Добавил ваше сообщение в «Примечание» Сообщение отредактировал NFound — Fixed some annoying visual glitches.

Скачать Sony XperiFirm v Sony XperiFirm

Fixed a minor but highly annoying bug that appeared when selecting a device it selected another device instead.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You must update to this version, else the device list might not load. Предоставляется дополнительная информация о каждом устройстве, например, имя проекта, кода. XperiFirm will now use Java bit in Windows bit.

Each file gets a name by analyzing data received from Sony. Added the ability to copy the raw download links of a firmware to the clipboard.

Quickly check the latest firmware versions available for all CDAs of a specific device by pressing «Check All». A minor bug was fixed, that made XperiFirm crash when Downloader is closed while downloading a firmware. Smart sorting for both «Market» and «Operator», for finding your firmware easily. Some internal changes had to be made to support changes made by Sony for old devices: Наступит время и она взглянет на тебя.


Useless for most users, but provides general idea about the intended networks the firmware supports. Сообщение от Макс Артёменко. You can scroll the lists, click on the CDAs as they are being checked and resort the list. xperifirk

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No more obscure Java errors that prevent XperiFirm from launching or working properly. Sony has xperifjrm few corrupted firmware. Click the new gear icon next to the «Check All» button. Z3x box Samsung Tool v To use it on Linux and Mac, install Mono on your system instructions provided below.

Fixed a crash caused by some missing files on Sony servers that messed up with column ordering by Latest Release. In this version, caching is disabled entirely. Are you v4.5.0.zi developer?

Download XperiFirm_4.5.0_(by_Igor_Eisberg).zip

Use however you want and at your own risk! Please report if anything goes wrong with the new code. Программа для прошивки андроида. However, we still recommend you to scan the file before using.


Fixed a crash caused by some missing files on Sony servers that messed up with v4.5.0.zp ordering by Latest Release.

XperiFirm — универсальный загрузчик прошивок для устройств Sony Xperia

Some visual bugs were fixed for even smoother experience! This will not interrupt the checking process.

To unpack a firmware that was manually downloaded from the new server, see FAQ section above. This will not interrupt the checking process. Which also allowed me to implement these features:. If it finds a new version, it offers you to open this thread. NET Framework 4 Автор: